Anfi Tauro Golf Course

Anfi Tauro Golf Course,
Gran Canaria
Canary Islands

Anfi Tauro Golf is a distinguished example that skilfully combines the beauty of the

scenery with the surrounding countryside, creating a harmonious architectural

outline in each tee, fairway and green.

The courses have been constructed in the Arizona-style - the barren landscape

being a fundamental characteristic.

Where most players will be able to make use of each club in their bag.

Both the 18 hole and the 9 hole courses are surrounded by the rugged hills of the Tauro valley which contrast with the abundant vegetation, palm trees, cactus plants, lakes,

waterfalls and fountains of the greens to create a landscape that makes each hole unique

Whether it’s early in the morning as the sun rises or in the evening when the sun sets, you will be astounded by the ever changing light and impressive shadows formed by the

surrounding mountains.